Wednesday, January 25

While You Wait...CREATE!

( A pep talk for you...and for ME!)

I found myself stalking my business email, waiting, hoping, praying that word of SOME KIND would come through with the results of a recent meeting with a prospective client.

This deal would be one of my biggest yet and the suspense was killing me!

Then it dawned on me how much time - and energy - I was wasting on the WAITING.

Time that should have been spent CREATING!

So, I headed back to my little work space and picked up my brush once again.

- - - ♥ - - -

Working as a full-time licensed artist is truly an adventure and not one for the faint of heart, lol.
There is rush order spec work, there are huge collections and little spot illustrations to make, there are big contracts and paychecks...and little ones, too. There are celebrations to be had and sometimes frustrations and let-downs. It's a roller coaster ride, for sure! But that's part of the deal...create and wait, create WHILE you wait and then create some more!

Whatever stage you're at in your licensing career, keep going.

It takes a while to build a "following" for your work.

It takes some time to have your specific style become recognizable and then requested.

The pay is small in the beginning (and sometimes in the middle, too!) but as you expand your body of work (create...create...create!) you will expand your creative style, subject matter, and themes and in turn have more to offer to prospective clients.

The more you create, the more your skills are refined, and the more opportunities you have to be matched up with a client and acquire those contracts!
I have been working in this field for 7 years now and have a steady flow of work, contracts, and pay.

Just keep creating and in time, the rewards will follow ♥

- - - ♥ - - -

By the way... I'm still waiting to hear the results from the latest meeting, haha!!! Hopefully today I will hear something official and wonderful and celebrate-worthy...but if not, that's ok, too.

There is work to be done and there ARE clients waiting for just the right image in my future creation (and in YOURS!) pick up that paintbrush and keep on going!

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