Wednesday, January 3

New Year = Fresh Start!

It's a brand spankin' new year and 365 days of possibilities!
I'm not much one for resolutions...too much let down and negativity if things don't work out perfectly. HOWEVER I do love to set new GOALS and I have quite a few of them already mapped out in my planner for this year!

I will be concentrating my efforts into these two main areas of business:

♥ Licensing (top priority)
♥ Felt & Embroidery Pattern Designs

Licensing in my first love and hand-mades are a close second, but instead of creating only hand-mades in limited quantities, I'd much rather create the PATTERNS for the hand-mades so YOU can be creative! Many of my upcoming patterns will be based on my licensing work so this will be a great fit of time for me :)

I will also be updating this blog with free tutorials and can't wait to share them with you!

I hope 2018 is filled with all things wonderful in your world! Looking forward to learning, growing, sharing, and connecting more with what matters most. ♥

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