We live on a mid 1800's 12 acre homestead in the middle of the mountains in Central Pennsylvania.

Our property was once known as the Maple Hill Farm, covering over 120 acres total and including huge potato fields.

The house stood empty for a few years until my husband and I moved in late 2014. We are now in the process of renovating the entire house to bring it back to it's former farmhouse glory, cleaning up and enlarging the orchard of various fruit trees, installing vegetable gardens, herb and tea beds, cultivating grape arbors, putting in potato fields (on a MUCH smaller scale than the originals), and repairing a weather-worn greenhouse.

We also grow a variety of berries: strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, black raspberry, mulberry, and elderberry.

Our barn is original to the property and in desperate need of repair before larger livestock animals can be brought in. Our hopes are to raise a few pigs, cows, goats, and sheep (and I secretly long for a donkey!) Until then, I'll continue to sing to and chat with our hens, barn cat litter, and sweet beagle/heeler dog named Daisy ♥

I'll be sharing posts on our farm updates as well as my artwork, and Faith.

I hope you'll be encouraged by my posts, photos, creations, and stories......thank you for being here!