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  Tonight I've had a bit of a play in Procreate.

I've been away from painting for a while - both traditionally and digitally - that I wondered if I could still make it work for me. The tulip above has given me confidence and motivation to keep going.

Life changes and takes turns you don't expect or necessarily want but you find yourself stuck with them none-the-less. I know you know what I one has been immune to the happenings over the last 17 months.....

BUT...we each have the opportunity to take some charge over our activities and for me, one of them is getting back into a routine for creating - specifically in the licensing area.

Licensing Update

I am in the process of building a beautiful new portfolio for showing my latest artwork to potential and current clients. Sets and collections for each of the seasons in saturated colors with a pinch of whimsy tossed in.

At the top of this page you might notice the "Sample Portfolio" tab and if you click on it, it will ask you for a password.  In the very near future a password will be available upon request to view an extended collection of my work past the photos found in blog posts and pages viewable to the public.

I'm excited about jumping back into these waters as I've missed them dearly. 

UPDATE: I will once again be available for puzzle design through HVC Licensing. Please contact Hong with all of your puzzle requests.


Newly Organized Creative Spaces

We are in a multiple years' long renovation as we do all the work ourselves around my husband's demanding job and the crazy fluctuating lumber prices. 

As my official studio space will not be finished for at least another year's time, I work out of several different spaces in my home.

One is in the spare bedroom on the second floor where the watercolor fun takes place:

The other is the utility porch, where I am kept company by two freezers, a washer and dryer, an old overstuffed china cabinet, boxes of holiday decorations, and my beekeeping equipment.
This is where the scanning and photoshop work takes place along with all mixed media work...oh, and YouTube video recording.

Ideal? No...BUT it works and as long as it suits my needs it will do.

Advice: Do NOT allow your circumstances or space determine your work flow, friends ♥

Do you have dreams and hopes of creating? Then DO it, anywhere and in any way you can. 

You know that saying that your dreams don't work unless you do? Yup...that is TRUE. And making a career is HARD work, so be sure that you have the drive to get done what needs done and keep learning as you move along. This licensing business is not for the faint of heart, easily discouraged, or those who get bored quickly, lol. You have to love creating, truly love it...have a passion for it....because it can be a wild rollercoaster ride of ups and downs and fast times and slow and it needs to be something you can stick with for the long-haul. Ask me how I learned that bit of wisdom 😉

Are you interested in learning more about licensing? 
Let me know in the comments below any questions you might have and I will answer them in a future blog post!

Well...that's all I have to share today....thanks for reading and following along.

Wishing you a creative day filled with joy.




Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

Working in my art journal today and reflecting on this week's memory verse.
Lean not on your own understanding....
so hard to do sometimes, but when we trust in HIM instead of our own rationalizing and reason we are able to often see beauty in the chaos, find peace in the noise. ♥

This is a new art style for me - I am totally just doing "the next thing" and not planning in this particular journal. Kind of letting the Holy Spirit take the lead and reflecting on His word and how it applies to my here and now. And the layering of textures, prints, colors, mediums which feel totally random and chaotic at first glance seem to really represent this world right now. Nothing seems to make sense - what used to be considered good and noble has been traded in for the things of the past that used to be thought of as indecent and just plain wrong. But God's word reminds us that yes...this would be the way it would go.

Everything coming to pass has already been recorded in His word.
His word is true.
And HE makes order out of chaos.

I'm tired of the media noise, I'm tired of the new social norms. I can't keep up with it all and really - is any of it WORTH noting lately...
just give me Jesus and nothing else....

He brings peace in the midst of turmoil.

Trust in HIM ♥

used in my worship journal page:
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 Howdy! Hey! Hello!! ♥

Just a quick note that this is a brand new space for me. 


There's lots and LOTS of work to do here yet to get 100% set up, but seems that my old webspace is just not working for me and it was time for a change I am :)

You'll find all my blog and YouTube updates, some WIPS, a few tutorials all in this new place.
I hope to redirect my domain name here in the future as well so if you see a big change up top, that will be it :)

If you don't yet know me, please be sure to visit my About Me page to get an idea of who is writing this. 

So....ok. YAY!
Thanks for being here and thanks for bearing with me as I set up here. 

Chat soon!!