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The gal behind the images

"I believe in HAPPY art...things that appeal to children and the child-at-heart, images that brighten rainy days...."

Jennifer creates from her home studio located on a 12 acre mountaintop farm in Central Pennsylvania. There she resides with her wonderful husband, little beagle-heeler Daisy,  an ornery cat named Scamper, 6 outdoor 'barn' cats who refuse to leave the patio, and a growing collection of livestock.

When she's not painting, Jennifer can be found talking with her chickens, collecting vintage aprons, canning up some veggies, baking a batch of cookies, or fermenting anything and everything she can find.


Inspired by the beautiful country setting in which she lives, her family's simple yet vibrant living, and her Faith in God - Jennifer's artwork covers a wide range of styles and subjects but always stays true to her love of times-gone-by and whimsical fun.

Jennifer is a self-taught artist and is thankful each and every day to be able to bring a bit of sunshine into the lives of others through her creativity.

A few views from the farm

Clients and Products

Past Clients Include:

  • Lowes Home Improvement

  • Dimensions Crafts

  • Elizabeth's Studio

  • Jellybean Rugs

  • Briarwood Lane

  • The Mountain

  • ...and more!