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Most Often Asked Questions

Is your artwork created on paper or computer?

The answer is actually BOTH! Many of my designs are first sketched out with pencil on paper. I just love the feel of being able to draw AND erase on paper and that will never change. I then scan in or take a photo of my sketch and use either Procreate on my iPad - or a Huion tablet with Photoshop on my main PC for my digital drawings. All my traditional watercolor work is created on Arches Cold Press paper with a vaiety of artist colors, then scanned, cleaned and prepared for application in Adobe Photoshop.

What Devices and Programs do you use for your designs?

For traditional watercolor work, I love the feel and performance of Arches "Aquarelle" Cold Press paper. This paper has a slight "toothy" texture and watercolro stays vibrant on this paper. I can also achieve many great effects with this surface!
For paint, I use a variety of brand in artist professional grade watercolor paints. I always purchase the tubes and brands I most often work with are: Van Gogh, Winsor and Newton, Daniel Smith, and Da Vinci.
For digital artwork, I create on an iPad with the Procreate app and Apple Pencil for smaller designs like for my clipart sets, rubber and digital stamp designs, and digital planner stickers. For all larger designs - and in my main work for creating designs that are licensed by manufacturers - I use a Huion Kamvas Pro 13 paired with Adobe Photoshop. While I loe this tablet, I hope to upgrade to a larger screen in the near future! The scanner that I use for scanning in my sketches or finished traditioanl watercolor is an old trusty Epson perfection V500 Photo.

Do you take commissioned work?

At this time, I take commissioned work for book illustration only. If you are looking for an illustrator for your children's book, devotional, or other written printed material, please contact me with your inquiry! I do not take commissions for personal artwork at this time.

What are your favorite Procreate brushes?

Oh goodness, I have so many that I love! But I do seem to gravitate toward a few select sets depending on the project I am working on.

There are MANY great brushes already built-in for Procreate, my favorites of those are: 6B (sketching), Studio Pen (inking), Dry Ink (inking), Gloaming (drawing), Plimsoll (artistic), and Wet Acrylic (painting).
Other brushes that I love:
For true-to-life watercolor, I adore Lisa Glanz's AquaReal Watercolor Brush Set. For children's book illustration work I love to use Storybook Studio Brushes by Eliza Moreno For my clipart sets (espeicially the cute animal friend packs!) I use a set of Procreate brushes that I personally designed.



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