Create Custom PROCREATE Stamp Brushes in MINUTES!

Stamp brushes for Procreate are so fun to use in creative projects. You simply choose the image, stamp it in to place, and color and arrange - creative fun in a snap!

Want to be able to make your own? Follow along with my tutorial to see just how easy it is! (and took MUCH longer to write this hw-to than it does to make an entire set of stamps. I PROMISE it is THAT easy!)

Here we go! Be sure to look for the RED circles 😉

Step 1: Choose a SQUARE canvas

Steps 2 & 3 (and 3.5 😉):

Draw you design using BLACK (<<< very important that it is BLACK!) I like to use the "Technical Pen" that is found in Procreate's "Inking" brush set that gives a hand-drawn look, but feel free to use any brush that gives you the look you'd like.

Once your image is drawn, center the image on the canvas. (TIP! turn on "snapping" and guidelines will show up when you've hit the center.)

Now, click on the image layer and choose "INVERT." You can see in the layers menu that your image is now white!

Now click on that layer in the side menu again and this time choose "COPY."

Step 4: Open your "Brush Library" and add a new brush set but clicking the "+" sign. Name your set and then click on the "+" in the upper corner to add a new brush.

Step 5: Click on "Shape" and then the "Edit" button for the "Shape Source." Click on "Import" and then on "Paste."

Your image has now become a brush! Hooray! Click "DONE." But we're not done yet....we want it to STAMP, so we need to change a few settings.

Step 6: Click on "Stroke Path" in the side menu and take the "Spacing" setting all the way up to MAX (100%).

Step 7: Now let's go into "Apple Pencil" setting and turn that "Opacity" all the way down to NONE (0%).

Step 8:

Next we'll go into the "Properties" section and turn ON the "Stamp Preview," set "Preview" to 30%, turn up the "Maximum Size" to a fairly large size - I like 850.

Step 9: Last, click on the "About this brush" section and NAME your brush, add an image of you - the artist who made this awesome brush, type in YOUR name, sign on the dotted line, and CLICK ON CREATE NEW RESET POINT!!!! (<<<< very important!) on that DONE button up in that corner!

And TAAAA-DAAAA!!!! You've made your own stamp brush - HOORAY!!!!!

If you'd like to see a few of my recent Procreate Stamp Brush Sets, be sure to hop on over to my shop and pick up something fun!

Thank you for following along with this tutorial!

Share in the comments below if you found this helpful or if you need more help!

Creating creative resources for Procreate users is kind of a passion of mine, so PLEASE let me know if there is something you'd like for me to offer a tutorial on in the future and I'll be sure to add it to one of my next blog posts! Happy Stamping!!






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