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How to Create Calm in Heart and Home

Updated: May 24

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In today’s chaotic world, it is more important than ever to be able to create a calm space in both our heart and in our home.

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Social media, the news, the stock boy at the local grocery – it seems no matter where you go or what you turn on, there is a voice reminding you of the new “normal” our world has adopted. We are now told where we can go, what we can do there, who we can be with, how long to stay…

We are told what to think, how to respond, what to believe and it is all so exhausting.

For some, the daily “rule” changes are easy to accept and live by. But for myself (and I suspect many others) it leaves me feeling overwhelmed and a bit anxious.

In today’s chaotic world, it is more important now than ever to be able to create a calm space in both our heart and in our home.

Below are five ways that I am actively working to cultivate a sense of calm and refreshment both inside and out.

1.Sort, Declutter, & Organize

A cluttered room often leads to feeling overwhelmed. Your personal spaces within your home should evoke a calm atmosphere and help you to recharge.

Take a look at the rooms you spend most of your time in. Sort out what you use and need. What can be donated and what can be tossed? I’m not suggesting a KonMari overhaul, just simple pairing-down of excess items.

A clean and orderly space gives an almost instant release from tension. If you have large spaces in need of attention, start small. A medicine cabinet, closet, or kitchen drawer are all great places to begin. Once you’ve tackled these smaller areas, work up to the larger. The reward of peacefulness it brings will grow with the space.

clean and neatly organized shelves with no clutter

2. Create Routines

Routines bring a sense of calm. While we can’t control the chaos of the world, we can set routines that bring stability to our day. Knowing the basic time period an activity takes place creates structure and reliability. And in time, a routine will become habit.

What does your morning look like? Do your morning activities help you start the day with energy and optimism or stress right from the start? Sort your morning like you sorted that kitchen drawer above. Are the activities taking place useful and necessary? Or are there some things that can (and should) be left for later in the day?

The way you start your morning will set the tone for the hours to follow. Whether you prefer digital or paper and pen, write down all the activities your mornings bring and sort them out. Schedule what can be done later in the day on your to-do list.

open planner with pencil on desk

3. Spend Time in Nature

Listen to the birds sing. Dig in some dirt. Soak in some sunshine. Breath in fresh air. Take a walk in the freshly fallen snow.

Regardless of the time of year, time spent outdoors can clear your mind and calm your heart.

If weather permits, take a brisk walk and get that heart pumping. Research has shown that you can see positive mental and physical benefits in spending just 20 minutes a day in nature. So get outside and make your heart happy.

lavender growing in a field

4. Keep a Journal

A longtime friend of mine is HUGE on keeping journals. While she has encouraged me and others that journaling is great for getting things off your heart and out of your head and onto paper, it just hasn’t stuck for me….yet.

Journaling is something I would like to utilize. And I am trying to be much more intentional about writing my thoughts and feelings down. Journaling out the things that makes us feel overwhelmed can help us to sort them out. And like everything else – if the thought doesn’t serve, acknowledge it but then toss it. I’d much rather get my frustrations down on paper instead of putting them out into my home.

Journal our what you are thankful for – even on the hard days. Our emotions and actions affect those around us. Keeping myself calm and mindful of the good will in-turn help to keep a calm happy home for others.

Journals can be purchased as fancy diaries, created from simple notebooks, printed out as single page “Gratitude Lists,” or even written on plain list pads.

Pour a cup of tea and get those thoughts, dreams, thanksgivings, and frustrations down on paper.

woman writing in journal

5. Turn to Faith

For me, this means taking my hurt and worry and laying them at the feet of Jesus.

Spending time in God’s Word, praying, and being in His presence is a great source of comfort to me. I admit, I don’t always turn to Him first, but I know I should. And that is another thing I am trying to be much more intentional about.

When I spend time in my Bible, I am reminded that God holds the ultimate control. Even in the chaos, He is working out His plan. And while I may not understand it, I trust in His goodness and unfailing love. In Psalm 103:19 it says:

The Lord has established his throne in the heavens, and his kingdom rules over all.

As a Christian, I can feed upon the Word of God so that I can stand more firmly when times of crisis come. He is a promise keeper. And He works all things for His glory and the good of those who love Him. I believe His Word is true for us all and there is hope to be found in trusting Him.

Small Bible, lamp, and plant on wooden table.

Where do you place your trust and hope? Do you a belief system that encourages and comforts you in times of trials?

Are there activities not listed here that you find help to create calm in both your heart and in our home during chaotic times?

Share them in the comments below and let’s encourage each other!

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