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Quick Inexpensive Whimsical Bunny And Spring Floral Centerpiece

Updated: May 24

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Create a quick and inexpensive whimsical bunny and spring floral centerpiece for your pretty Easter table!

Whimsical Bunny And Spring Floral Centerpiece

Many people think Pinterest is where all the best ideas are found, but I believe that Instagram is a pretty close second, and when I saw the gorgeous centerpiece Kara on Little House on Chestnut shared back in February, I knew I needed to somehow create my own version with a spring themed twist.

The inspiration:

green leaves and candles on a table

Kara’s centerpiece was created in a long trough-shaped tin, filled with fresh greens, and mason jars with candles. It is was fresh and lovely and spoke “Spring” to me!

The long slender shape fit the farmhouse table perfectly. Something that I had been struggling with for my long narrow space.

The recreation:

Shopping my home to find just the right base for my recreation, I remembered a beautiful long bread basket I had tucked away in a cupboard.

I gathered glass jars of various sizes, a few artificial flowers and a package of votives that were purchased at Walmart. An old much-loved but fading rabbit figurine would find a home in the center of this whimsical spring floral centerpiece.

The rabbit decoration was sweet, but needed a bit of a re-do. It was given a covering of Rust-oleum’s “Cement” spray paint and I had hoped that it would take on a true cement look and feel. Unfortunately, this product did not live up to its claims. My rabbit was left with a shimmery gray covering. A better choice might have been to use Rust-oleum Stone Creations spray in Bleached Stone.

A quick touch-up with a light coating of Rust-oleum’s Flat Burnished Amber and a dry brushing of chalk paint in Ivory helped to give the figurine a bit more texture.

The faux baby’s breath was created in an easy to separate bundle. I snapped each stem near the base giving me 7 stems to work with.

hand holding a stem of artificial flowers
artificial flower stems on a table

Placing the jars in the basket – allowing space in the center for the figurine – I wrapped the lamb’s ear garland around the inside of the basket, tucking leaves and stems around the glass. Being sure to evenly space the stems, each was tucked in and around the jars and greenery.

basket with jars, candles, and greenery

The candles alone looked bare inside the jars. I found a quick and easy filler right inside my kitchen cupboard – rice! The ivory color of the rice was a nice compliment against the pure white of the votives. TIP: If your votives slide inside the jars, a spot of hot glue will hold them in place.

Once the jars and greenery were in place, the rabbit was added.

Overall, I couldn’t be more happy with how my quick inexpensive whimsical bunny and spring floral centerpiece turned out! And I hope YOU like it, as well.

A big THANK YOU to Kara for allowing me the use of her beautiful photos for my blog post.

If you’d like to create a similar piece, these comparable items can help to get you started:

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