Wednesday, January 3

New Year = Fresh Start!

It's a brand spankin' new year and 365 days of possibilities!
I'm not much one for resolutions...too much let down and negativity if things don't work out perfectly. HOWEVER I do love to set new GOALS and I have quite a few of them already mapped out in my planner for this year!

I will be concentrating my efforts into these two main areas of business:

♥ Licensing (top priority)
♥ Felt & Embroidery Pattern Designs

Licensing in my first love and hand-mades are a close second, but instead of creating only hand-mades in limited quantities, I'd much rather create the PATTERNS for the hand-mades so YOU can be creative! Many of my upcoming patterns will be based on my licensing work so this will be a great fit of time for me :)

I will also be updating this blog with free tutorials and can't wait to share them with you!

I hope 2018 is filled with all things wonderful in your world! Looking forward to learning, growing, sharing, and connecting more with what matters most. ♥

Tuesday, November 14

Reconnecting to My Grandmother

Long ago when I was little, I frequently joined my Grandmother McHenery during her days at her little shop of handcrafted items in Eagles Mere, PA.
Part of the Endless Mountain Crafters, her shop with filled with OOAK hand-stitched dolls, woven rugs, and knit items...all created from her own hand-drawn patterns.

This was the start of my love of all things arts and crafts and today, as I place the stitches on a handmade doll made from my own unique pattern, I feel a connection to her.

While Gradma McHenry was not the affectionate type showering me with hugs and kisses, she did show her love for others by way of creating sweet handmades for them.

I like to give both kinds of affection (just ask my nieces and nephews ♥) but I think fondly of Grandma McHenry and understand just a little bit more of her as I grow older and the same love of handcrafting flows from me.

Lately I have been lost in my happy place of creating through the crafting of OOAK Art Dolls.

This little snowfellow has just been added to my shop and soon will be joined by a gingerbread boy and Santa.